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ARRI Basic Set for Sony FS7M2/ FX9

The Basic Set for Sony FS7M2/ FX9 from ARRI offers lightweight, handheld and tripod–compatible support for your PXW-FSM2 or PXW-FX9 camera. This set includes a VCT-compatible baseplate with a comfortable shoulder pad, a two-piece top plate that enables the use of your camera’s original Sony handle, an LAS-1 lens adapter support, a 15mm LWS rod bracket, and a 9″ pair of lightweight 15mm rods.

ARRI Top Mounting Plate for Sony FS7II & FX9 Cameras

Designed for the original Sony handle, this Top Mounting Plate from ARRI is compatible with Sony FS7II and FX9 cameras. The plate features multiple 3/8″-16 and RMB-3 interfaces for mounting accessories and rods. The middle part of the plate is detachable, enabling you to remove one side of the plate when not required.

ARRI Mounting Plate with 15mm Rod Support for Sony FS7II & FX9 Cameras

Carry your camera rig comfortably on your shoulder with this Mounting Plate with 15mm Rod Support from ARRI. The plate is compatible with Sony FS7II and FX9 cameras and VCT-style tripod adapters such as the QRP-1. The system supports a pair of 15mm LWS rods and features an adjustable shoulder pad.

ARRI LAS-1 Lens Adapter Support

The LAS-1 Lens Adapter Support from ARRI provides sturdy support for many third-party, pillar-style lens mount adapters. The LAS-1 Support is compatible with PL, EF, and other lens adapters, as well as certain optical adapters like the Metabones Speed Boosters. The two pieces of this support are connected via a thumbscrew coupling, enabling quick removal from your baseplate when desired.

Provides additional support for many third-party, pillar-style PL, EF, and other lens mount adapters
Also compatible with some optical lens adapters, such as Metabones Speed Boosters
Two-piece design with a thumbscrew coupling for quick removal from your baseplate

ARRI 15mm Lightweight Support Rods (Pair, 9″)

This pair of 9″ ARRI Lightweight Support Rods feature lightweight stainless steel construction and are designed to reduce your rig’s weight. Use them with any 15mm-based accessory or bridgeplate.

Hollow, lightweight stainless steel construction with non-threaded ends
Compatible with any 15mm-based accessory or bridgeplate

ARRI 15mm LWS Rod Console

The ARRI 15mm LWS Rod Console adds 15mm rod support to your camera rig. This component can be mounted to several ARRI support accessories such as baseplates, top plates and cheese plates. The console can be useful when you want to add extra support for long rods when using a heavy lens or accessory, or to provide rod support in a second location on your camera rig.

Adds 15mm rod support for heavier lenses or accessories, or in an additional camera rig location
Can be used for front, rear, or top rod support
Compatible with several ARRI support systems

Chrosziel 12 MB 450-02

Lightweight, robust, and ready for production, Chrosziel‘s MB 450R2 Matte Box can complement a wide range of cameras, from smaller camcorders or mirrorless cameras, up to larger cinema cameras and ENG camcorders with an outer lens diameter of up to 114mm (lenses with a diameter smaller than 110mm may require additional accessories for full compatibility). With the included top flag and 16:9 mask, glare from outside the frame can be effectively controlled for improved contrast and reduced ghosting in the recorded image. Further control can be achieved through the separately available side and bottom flags.


Chrosziel Fujinon MK Zoom | Lens motorization

The Chrosziel Compact Zoom Control Kit for Fujinon MK Lenses offered by Fujinon is a low-profile integrated zoom control designed for Fujinon MK zoom lenses and Sony FS5 and FS7 cameras.

When secured and wired properly, the ENG-style servo will control the MK lens’s zoom using the rocker on the camera’s handgrip. This conveniently allows the operator to control focus and zoom simultaneously in run-and-gun situations. All LANC, power, and USB cables for connecting, powering, and updating the servo unit are included. Additionally, the LANC connectors are compatible with other LANC devices for controlling the zoom through alternate equipment.

A hard-shell waterproof case with custom-cut foam is included to store and transport all the kit components, as well as up to two separately available Fujinon MK zoom lenses.

Chrosziel StudioRig Cine

The Chrosziel StudioRig Cine is a professional dual-sided follow focus for precise focus actuation on high-end cinema lenses. As a dual-sided follow focus, with a separately available second handwheel, this StudioRig Cine can be used to actuate focus from either side of the lens. The rod clamp secures to 15mm rods that are spaced in accordance with the 15mm LWS standard.

DikDoek | Tripod Balance Weight

Dikdoek stands for thick cloth. The bag label Dikdoek guarantees cloth that lasts, usually reinforced PVC, or heavy cotton, bright colors, sturdiness, robustness and matching a maritime background. All bags are manufactured in our own workshop and given a unique serial number. Currently 430 numbered copies have been delivered.

Easyrig ERIG-VA5-GR-SE Vario 5 with FLOWCINE Serene Preinstalled

The ERIG-VA5-GR-SE Vario 5 from Easyrig is a body-worn support system that takes the weight off your back, neck, and shoulders and distributes it to your hips. Designed for supporting cameras or even entire rigs ranging from 11 to 38 lb, this system enables you to capture steady handheld shots in comfort for hours while giving you the ability to relax your arms. The ERIG-VA5-GR-SE Vario 5 comes with a standard Gimbal Rig vest and a 5″ extended arm. Additionally, it comes with a FLOWCINE Serene two-axis spring arm stabilizer preinstalled.

The Gimbal Rig vest adds extra lower-back support when holding heavy stabilizer rigs. The Vario 5 lets you adjust the line tensions to adapt to many different cameras and configurations. This can be done by turning the adjustment screw located on the back.

The FLOWCINE Serene smooths video results by mitigating vertical vibrations induced by walking or running during a tracking shot. It also stabilizes side to side motion in similar tracking situations by counter-pivoting around its center axis.

Sachtler Ace Follow Focus

he Sachtler Ace Follow Focus is a backlash-free follow focus that’s adjustable to support photo and video lenses of different makes and sizes. It features both a 0.8 Mod drive gear and a 35mm diameter friction wheel to accommodate lenses with and without gear rings. The drive gear and friction wheel are positioned on opposite sides of each other and can be swapped as necessary using an included Allen key. The direction of the gear mechanism is also reversible to support lenses with clockwise- and counterclockwise-moving focus rings.

The Ace Follow Focus features a 15mm rod clamp and can be mounted on either side of the lens. The follow focus bridge is adjustable horizontally so you can adjust to different size lenses. Two interchangeable marking discs are included that simply click into place when properly aligned on the handwheel, and they can easily be removed and replaced. Hard stops can be set using an easy to use hard stop slider button, especially useful for some modern photo lenses. The handwheel features a socket for an industry standard focus whip.

Sachtler Ace Matte Box

The Sachtler Ace Matte Box features a reversible 15mm rod bridge that allows you to mount the matte box on rigs with both large and small diameter lenses. The rod bridge can be screwed on right-side-up or upside-down to provide either 3.3 or 4.3″ of the distance between the center of the support rod to the center of the rear clamping interface. Once mounted, it secures with just a single lever.

The Ace Matte Box features two filter stages, one fixed and the rear one rotating up to 90° left or right. Included are adjustable top and side flags, two 4 x 4″ and two 4 x 5.65″ filter frames, and two different-sized neoprene rings. The flags gently clip on and fix into desired positions when you tighten each one’s lever. The filter frames click into place as you insert them while holding a release button. The neoprene rings slide over your lenses to block out any light coming in through the back. They can be cut if necessary for larger lenses.

Two small accessory bars are available on the top of the matte box, each featuring two 1/4″-20 threads for mounting articulating arms, lights, mics, and other accessories.

Sony RMB-170 Handheld Remote Control Unit

The Sony RMB-170 Handheld Remote Control Unit is designed for use with the PMW-500, PMW-320, PMW-350, PMW-F3, PDW-700, PDW-F800, BVP-950A, BVP-750A, BVP-570, BVP-550, HDW-700A, HDW-F900, and DSR-450WSL Camcorders.

This unit utilizes the new studio camera command system and can be used in place of the RCP-700 series Remote Control Panels. When used with the supplied 32.80′ (10 m) interconnect remote cable, a monitor output for a picture monitor is provided on the RMB-170 Unit (for all camcorders except the HD units).

Handheld remote control unit for many Sony camcorders which support the 700 series camera control protocol
Utilizes the new studio camera command system and may be used in place of the RCP-700 series remote control panels
Compatible models include – HDCAM Camcorders (HDW-700A & HDW-F900), optical XDCAM camcorders (PDW-700 & PDW-F800), MPEG HD422 XDCAM memory camcorders (PMW-500), XDCAM memory camcorders (PMW-320 and PMW-350), and the BVP-950A, BVP-750A, BVP-570, and BVP-550 Camcorders

Tilta Gravity G2X Handheld Gimbal and Nucleus-Nano Bundle

The Gravity G2X and Nucleus-Nano Bundle from Tilta combines a handheld gimbal with the Nucleus-Nano Wireless Focus Control System. It provides professional videographers, video journalists, or vloggers with a solution to wirelessly control the camera lens while a camera is mounted on the gimbal. The single-hand gimbal system supports cameras weighing up to 8 pounds, and it has an autocalibrate function which allows the gimbal to tweak its motor settings based on the mounted camera’s properties. The Nucleus-Nano wirelessly controls the focus of most cameras equipped with DSLR, mirrorless, or cine-style lenses. The core of the system is the pairing of the focus control motor and the focus handwheel, and the units can connect to each other from up to 300′ away.


Once mechanically balanced, the auto-calibration feature senses the camera payload and configures the motors to the match your camera’s configuration.

Bluetooth App

The Tilta Assistant App (currently iOS only) allows you to individually adjust each motor’s torque, dead zone, acceleration, and speed. In addition, the app lets you remotely control the gimbal’s axes and set up a wireless time-lapse mode.

Operation Modes

  • Pan and tilt (yaw and pitch) follow mode
  • Tilt lock mode
  • Fully stabilized mode
  • Roll lock mode
Each arm features a 7 to 11 cm marking scale, which makes changing cameras or configurations a rapid process, as once you balance a specific camera setup, you can make a note and then reset quickly to match your previous markings.
The handgrip is also the battery holder. No batteries are included with the item, and they must be sourced separately.

Zacuto Z-FinderPro

Zacuto’s Z-Finder Pro 2.5x optical viewfinder is a necessary tool for shooting sharp, stable video on DSLR cameras like the Canon 5D MkII, 7D, Nikon D90, D300s, and others. Whether shooting handheld or on a tripod, the Z-Finder Pro turns your camera’s 3″ LCD screen into a clear, easy-to-focus viewfinder that lets you see your image in magnified detail even under the brightest sunlight. Just as crucially, the Z-Finder Pro provides an extra degree of handling comfort and a crucial point of contact–between camera and eye–that adds stability to any handheld video.



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