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Arri Matte Box MB20 System II

SET configurations: Many MB-20 assortments are now available in 3-stage versions. The addition of the third stage may however limit wide-angle use. []

Chrosziel | the cage project |

Chrosziel unleashed a DP’s inner Meccano Erector Set at Cinec.

The Cage Project by Chrosziel is a prototype modular cage for cameras like the Canon C300 / 500 and should fit most DSLRs. It comes in a case with color-coded components, follow-focus, handle, modular bars, rods, rosettes, handgrips, and tools.

Chrosziel Cine.1 Dual-Stage Clamp-On Matte Box

The completely modular Cine.1 Matte Box from Chrosziel is built to be strong yet lightweight to fit into your handheld or studio camera rig. Having a matte box on the front of your lens allows you more flexilbility in lighting your scene by blocking light sources just out of frame from directly entering the lens, which can cause the lens to flare, and introduce image artifacts. This particular iteration of the Cine.1 series can be mounted directly on the lens with the integrated clamp, and is configured with two filter stages, however, it can be configured to hold either one or three filters with addition or removal of filter stages.


Included Top Flag

A top flag (also called an eyebrow) is included to block extraneous light from above. The flag folds in half for a smaller footprint when it’s packed away. As an added touch, the flag has security holes which mate with safety latches on the matte box, preventing the flag from accidentally falling during installation.


The Cine.1 matte box housing is constructed from high-impact polymer blend. This material is very rigid and resistant to cracking, yet keeps the weight of the matte box down as to not unbalance your rig. The surround is constructed from aluminum


Using the multiple threaded mounting points, accessories such as side flags, rosettes, a filter catcher, and a top accessory plate, can be attached to expand the functionality of the Cine.1 matte box.


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