Sail video sytem | 3rd person view

The SailVideoSystem LITE All-in-One has been one of our more popular body mounts as it can be used with any kind of small camera. It can be used with 360cams and ActionCams.
And now it has become even better and more stable:
Introducing the NEW 3rdPersonView LITE All-in-One V2: a compact body mount with double belts to make it fit even more securely around your body, to create a rock steady shot.

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The 3rdPersonView Shoulder Mount for GoPro Max and others is a uniquely small and lightweight shoulder mount that will let you connect your GoPro Max to the included camera pole. The harness has proved to be comfortable and stable and can be set in any direction or angle, and will even fit in your jacket pocket when you are not using it.

The Shoulder Mount can be worn on your back but also in front of your chest.

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